Eco friendly tools and materials

Natural materials, non-toxic paints and building waste reduction are simple and efficient ways to contribute to more eco-friendly buildings and to a safer environment. Some of the traditional building methods and materials like composite timbers, volatile organic compounds found in paints and solvents or cadmium are heavy pollutants and are dangerous for human health. Others […]

Join our team!

We are looking for general and specialised builders to join the Belmondo Building team for various residential or commercial building projects. Most of our projects are based in North & West London. The ideal candidate must have experience within the building industry: refurbishments and new build projects. The job involves working on site to ensure […]

Property maintenance: who needs it?

Property maintenance or building maintenance includes a very wide range of services. To avoid emergency interventions, it’s best to keep an eye on your property and plan the maintenance. Prevention is best, but reactive or emergency intervention is something nobody can entirely avoid. At Belmondo Building we offer general maintenance for commercial and residential spaces […]

Watch out for these 6 causes of roof leaks

The roof is an essential part of any wise building. It protects the house from rain and wind, keeps the heat inside and the walls in good condition, so ensuring that the roof is well maintained is key to a healthy and energy efficient home. Not even the best roofs last forever. Depending on the […]

Loft Conversions: 5 Must-Haves

One of the wisest ways to make your home bigger, brighter and more valuable is through a successful loft conversion. We made a list with some of the key topics to consider based on our 15 years’ experience in this type of building project. Here they are: 1. Do you plan to increase your living […]

Seven tips to make your house wiser

As winter is approaching, we must think more about ways to save costs on utility bills and to make our homes wiser in terms of the energy we use, heat, water and general consumption. We’ve heard bits and pieces from the following advice, but rarely do we follow all of them and are aware of […]

Belmondo Building Wins ARCHITECTS’ CHOICE at Brick Awards

Mews House in London, designed by Russell Jones won ARCHITECTS’ CHOICE Award at Brick Awards 2017. Belmondo Building acted as brickwork contractor, using Marziale brick by Wienerberger. „It’s been a challenging project with a highly positive impact, not only for the client but also for the planner and for the whole construction team. The highly […]

Smooth & Efficient Renovation

Time has come to upgrade your home or office. Make sure you don’t skip important steps that can make the difference between weeks and months of work and that help you avoid hidden costs and high stress levels. 1. Planning is not optional Ask the constructor about the renovation planning schedule and what every stage […]

Make the Best of Your Small Garden

Since Greece is 2500 km away from London and holiday goes by so fast, why not invest in a small Garden of Eden of your own in the backyard? Small garden design can make a significant difference in how you relate to your house and in your general well-being. There are ways to turn small […]

Kitchen Makeover Ideas

One of the most difficult rooms to reinvent needs proper preparation and guidance, so here are a few ideas gained in years of practice:1. Functional that looks great Think first about all the things that you don’t like about your kitchen, about how you actually use it and how this can translate into aesthetic changes. […]