tips-news | Kitchen Makeover Ideas

One of the most difficult rooms to reinvent needs proper preparation and guidance, so here are a few ideas gained in years of practice:

1. Functional that looks great
Think first about all the things that you don’t like about your kitchen, about how you actually use it and how this can translate into aesthetic changes. It’s a space that should reflect your lifestyle and needs first and foremost and then be good looking.

2. Reality check: keep your measurement tools close
Be realistic about the design, most kitchens in the magazines and websites may be a few times bigger than yours, so size does matter. If a kitchen island that looks great on paper is surrounded by a lot of space that gives a contemporary, classy look to the kitchen, take your tape measure, it’s time for a reality check.

3. Save up to 60% of your kitchen makeover costs
Pragmatism comes to rescue once again. Moving gas lines, electrical wiring, plumbing systems or changing walls can have a significant impact on your budget. Make sure you can do a kitchen makeover without massive structure changes, but changes that will impact design and actual functionality – new cabinets, great colours, quality stone countertops, lighting effects, wow accessories.

4. Design that will last
Open kitchens encourage interaction and family time during dinner. Neutral colours and combinations of white and gold can make your kitchen feel more open and airy. Modern appliances, accessories and lighting can create more depth and texture and add a contemporary feel that lasts and will resonate with all your guests.

5. Obtain building permits
Last, but not least, research if any required permits might put a long pause to your kitchen remodelling project. Your contractor can give you advice and guidance and help you keep the paperwork at a reasonable rate. With all the do-it-yourself media out there, it might be tempting to think kitchen renovation is a relaxing weekend work. Think again, talk to a professional team and make a decision after considerable research and after you get all the necessary permits.