tips-news | Make the Best of Your Small Garden

Since Greece is 2500 km away from London and holiday goes by so fast, why not invest in a small Garden of Eden of your own in the backyard? Small garden design can make a significant difference in how you relate to your house and in your general well-being. There are ways to turn small into majestic and dull into luxuriant. Just a few ideas to consider:

1. Plants can be introduced in simple or vintage, full of personality containers: terra cotta planters, oversize pots or vintage tools like old wheelbarrows. All of them can be turned into cool flower and plants containers. Ideally, if planted in early spring, they last longer. Can be easily fitted into unaesthetic corners or along a rocky path to make it beautiful and charming. Experimenting with different plants and small trees can create an original feel-good garden style.

2. Natural materials give a more authentic and real feel to gardens. Wood and stone, traditional materials for comfort and peace-of-mind gardens as opposed to concrete for minimalist, ultra-modern gardens can be mixed for an edgy look. Modern incorporated into traditional is a bold design trend that will continue to grow. Paths made of beautiful stone near wood walls can create the atemporal mood with a contemporary twist you’re looking for.

3. Bespoke garden furniture. A welcoming relaxing space with the exact pieces of furniture your garden needs, in the precise spots that will not kill space, but enhance it. This is a great way to complete or to highlight the beauty of a small garden and to transform it into an oasis in the middle of the metropolitan craziness.

4. Bring technology to life. Efficient hi-tech irrigation systems that give a specific, correct amount of water for certain plants or a stylish cascading waterfall with discrete lightning are very popular ways to mingle latest technology with serene landscape. Ask the contractor for help to find the most up-to-date, innovative ways to style your garden.