tips-news | Seven tips to make your house wiser

As winter is approaching, we must think more about ways to save costs on utility bills and to make our homes wiser in terms of the energy we use, heat, water and general consumption. We’ve heard bits and pieces from the following advice, but rarely do we follow all of them and are aware of the great impact they have on household budgets and the environment:

  1. Insulate your flat or the entire house by paying attention not only to walls but also to the loft and the roof – they’re the main sources of heat loss. It’s difficult to calculate the amount of money you lose every year due to the heat that escapes through walls and roofs, but you will feel the difference as soon as you have new insulation for at least 25cm in depth.
  2. Once your walls keep the heat inside, it’s time to think about the windows. Old houses may look romantic in photos, but if they don’t have double glazed windows it’s time to make a change. You can even choose triple glazing if you plan such an investment of time and money. It will eventually pay off.
  3. Technology is part of our living spaces in order to keep up not only with trends but also with expenses. Thermostats are a great way to be in control of how warm the rooms are and can save up to 20% on annual energy bills. Alternatively, energy monitors can help by showing what devices use more electricity. They can also show the gas consumption in real time, are easy to install and costs start from 30£. A guide for all sorts of smart meters can be found on the government website.
  4. Small but significant changes that reduce annual bills shouldn’t be ignored. Didn’t you replace all the bulbs in the house with LED ones? They last much longer and use less energy, so they’re the eco-friendly version of the classical bulbs.
  5. Choose only appliances with A, A+ or A++ energy ratings and don’t forget that 90% of the washing machine’s energy is used when heating water. Whenever possible, wash clothes at 40 °C or less.
  6. Apply for an energy-saving grant on the government website or for funds to improve your home in order to make it wiser and more environmentally-friendly.
  7. Replace your old water heating system and the old central heating system with innovative solutions that have a great impact. Our division Belmondo Services can supply and install cost savings solutions for domestic and commercial spaces. We are an official installer for the Magic Box International systems offering water heating systems and central heating systems that save energy and costs. More on our services on the dedicated website.

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