tips-news | Smooth & Efficient Renovation

Time has come to upgrade your home or office. Make sure you don’t skip important steps that can make the difference between weeks and months of work and that help you avoid hidden costs and high stress levels.

1. Planning is not optional
Ask the constructor about the renovation planning schedule and what every stage includes. This will make the process more predictable and will prevent overspending.

2. Communicate along the process
Research major trends and innovative solutions that may fit your home or office. Clearly state your preferences and discuss alternatives. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind even if you don’t speak the same language with the constructor, technical terms are their specialty, not yours.

3. Protect your valuables
Cover you furniture, floors and immovable valuables, take down pictures and protect precious lightning objects. Better safe than sorry.

4. Quality materials & contemporary that lasts
When it comes to materials, quality within a reasonable price will save money on the long run. Ask the contractor which are best for your space and which materials to avoid. Clever interior design stays relevant and edgy over years if you use neutral colors and flexible modular design and accessorize with top notch fashionable objects.

5. Verify the pros
Installing new equipment, performing plumbing and wiring work needs specific licences, so carefully verify contractors before signing a contract. Genuine pros have the accreditations and the qualified people that will get the work done in the safest manner. Also, some previous similar completed work can be asked if not showed on a portfolio to begin with.