tips-news | Eco friendly tools and materials

Natural materials, non-toxic paints and building waste reduction are simple and efficient ways to contribute to more eco-friendly buildings and to a safer environment. Some of the traditional building methods and materials like composite timbers, volatile organic compounds found in paints and solvents or cadmium are heavy pollutants and are dangerous for human health. Others are simply not sustainable, and they negatively impact the carbon footprint. Concrete releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and because it has been used widely in the construction of our cities, it has contributed to climate change. At Belmondo Building we try to
replace outdated materials as much as possible and to eliminate completely the
harmful ones.   

What are the eco-friendly alternatives we use?

Bamboo has been used for thousands of years because it’s a lightweight and a stretchy material. It regained popularity due to its renewability and its affordable price, especially in areas where it’s locally produced. Wood fibre and wool instead of traditional foamboard for insulation are green materials naturally sourced that are viable and nature-friendly.

Stone, timber and straw bale instead of bricks, concrete and metal in the structure of the buildings and natural choices for the flooring – wood and stone – make the houses wiser and more caring for the environment.

We recommend solar power whenever possible. Solar power isturned into electricity through solar panels or through innovations like Velux solar windows (electric windows that use only solar cell technology). At Belmondo Building, we use electrical vans for zero emissions and for lack of noise.

Recycled steel is steel that has been previously used in the
structure of a building or in the automotive industry. It’s a material which
takes a lot of energy to be produced, that’s why the use of recycled steel
saves three quarters of the energy costs it takes to make it. It’s the same with
recycled plastic – using feasible components
made from recycled plastic contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   

We install innovative water
heating systems
and central heating
through our services division, Belmondo Services and aim to
contribute to a more sustainable world
through energy-efficient solutions at the highest safety standards
possible. We always recycle the rubbish,
reduce dust and waste (unused
materials, demolition waste) and we use safe materials to protect the health and
safety of our workers on the site, the environment and the local communities we
work for. Green materials are the wise choice for the present and for the
future generations.